Australia’s mining industry to focus on renewable projects

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  • Australia’s mining industry to focus on renewable projects
02 May 2019

Australia’s mining industry has been reported to be turning green, with miners now turning to renewable energy sources. In other news, the Saudi Aramco oil industry enters a new era; commodities industries are set to gain huge benefits from tech advancements and an interview with rower Chris Mahoney reveals secrets on how he altered his career path from professional rower to commodity trader.

Here is a selection of our top news stories this week:

Australia’s mining industry to focus on renewable projects: Diesel generators are set to be banished, as more energy efficient projects are favoured. This is mainly due to the lower technology costs and the burden investors face to reduce their carbon footprint. A $21 million loan from the federal government’s Australian Renewable Energy Agency saw Sandfire install 34,000 solar panels on the red desert dirt, while other companies have since followed suit. CEO, Elizabeth Gaines from Fortescue Metals stated: “We are continuing to look at opportunities to introduce renewables, particularly solar, into our energy mix and there’s quite a lot of activity on that at the moment”. Click here to read more

Saudi Aramco is set to undergo a huge oil shift: Saudi Aramco has always inspired other countries with its discussions surrounding the desire to combat climate change and pumping oil cheaply for many decades to come. It is now looking to make other significant changes on switching to natural gas and using refined materials, chemicals and plastics.  Click here to read more

As oil giant Saudi Aramco shifts into other sectors of the oil industry, Western rivals are becoming more aware of the increasing threat the company is imposing in the market.

Chris Mahoney on his life and career from rower to commodity trader: Rower Chris Mahoney talks about how me made the huge transition from being a four-time winner at Henley Royal Regatta to becoming a professional in the commodity sector. “the things that you need to do to succeed in sport are the same things you need to do to succeed in business: effort, focus, discipline, and dedication” – Mahoney. Click here to read more