Building a commodity trading business: rewards and risks

The HC Insider Podcast - Episode 16

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  • Building a commodity trading business: rewards and risks
16 September 2020

In part one of a two part series, founding partner of Energex and former Co-Head of Morgan Stanley’s commodity business, Colin Bryce, joins us to discuss building a commodities trading platform and dispel some of the myths.

2020 has highlighted how trading platforms can protect natural resource producers price shocks and boost earnings through extracting more value from the products and with better reach into the market place. Those oil majors with trading groups have significantly outperformed their peers without. With producers of natural resources around the world building or retooling trading platforms in response, it is a good time to consider what a trading business is, what it can offer and what factors lead to success or disaster. Colin and his partners at Energex draw on their real world experience at the very top level in this industry to help organisations master this difficult business and he shares his insight with us.

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