Energy transition continues to take on momentum with power and gas players

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  • Energy transition continues to take on momentum with power and gas players
23 April 2019

This year’s annual gathering of energy majors at CERAWeek in Houston was dominated not by talk of fossil fuels, but of climate change. As the focus moves from the cost to the value of renewables, power and gas players are being pushed to integrate to accommodate energy transition and are rebranding around a sustainable agenda.

There has been a noticeable shift in the conversation taking place among major energy players in the past year or so, with last month’s annual CERAWeek conference in Houston proving a case in point. Where once industry conventions were dominated by conventional fossil fuels, in 2019 the focus was clearly on energy transition, as the energy world finally starts to come to terms with the need to take climate change seriously and work to lower carbon emissions.

The industry as a whole is now rapidly moving to burnish its green credentials, as the transition agenda puts pressure on employer brands at a time when the next generation of talent is more focused than ever on corporate social responsibility and environmental impact. The themes that are front of mind for power and gas majors now include rebranding, investing in clean energy assets and identifying and developing technologies to accommodate the energy value chain.

Over the past decade, clean energy has shifted from playing a marginal role to being integral to global energy systems, but despite costs coming down, there has been a clear move to focus on the value of renewables and how it complements the power and gas markets.

The recent decision by Shell to rebrand First Utility, Britain’s seventh largest energy supplier, as Shell Energy and move all its residential customers to renewable electricity highlights the increasing consumer demand for cleaner energy. Shell has just pledged to reduce emissions of its operations and product sales by 2 to 3% from 2016 to 2021, and is only the latest to reconsider its branding; last year Statoil became Equinor, as it moved to distance itself from oil and become a more diverse energy brand, and in 2016 GDF Suez became Engie, earlier last year rolling out phase 1 of their ambition to become the world leader in zero-carbon transition for its customers.

It is also increasingly clear that natural gas will be at the forefront of this revolution, with 2019 already looking like it will be a record year for construction projects to bring online more capacity. Major new suppliers including Russia and Mozambique look set to enter the fray alongside the three leading suppliers of Qatar, Australia and the United States, as China gears up to become the world’s largest natural gas importer and demand from the rest of the Asia Pacific market continues to boom. While in the past, investment was held up by the lack of long-term supply contracts, we now see companies more willing to develop projects on their own balance sheets and able to sell to either a growing group of aggregators or trading houses.

New opportunities are being created across transportation and production, and there is great interest in new technologies across digitisation, artificial intelligence and blockchain, which may assist in addressing some of the challenges around the increasing penetration in clean energy. What is abundantly clear is that energy transition is now playing a huge role across the entire energy value chain, throughout the industry, as the need to reduce hydrocarbons moves from being a fashion to a business imperative.

Power, Gas and LNG are now more correlated than ever, and we see the market shifting towards even further integration to accommodate energy transition. In terms of natural gas, it is well placed due to its friendly environmental footprint with LNG spear heading trade growth in the years to come. From a hiring perspective, it is now vital to have clear transition strategies in place if a business is to appeal to the next generation of energy talent, and this is a global phenomenon.

The themes that are front of mind for power and gas majors now include rebranding, investing in clean energy assets and identifying and developing technologies to accommodate the energy value chain.

People Moves


  • Simon Theis has joined Ezpada as a Gas Trader, previously held a similar role at Alpiq
  • Eric Pelsise, a Natgas Trader has joined Ezapada, he previously held a similar role at ENI
  • Benjamin Chemarin has joined Gazprom as an Energy Options Trader, previously held a similar role at Engie in France
  • Benjamin Hodder has joined Cross Options Group as a Commodity Trader, previously a Short-Term Power Trader at Vattenfall.
  • Juan Bajo Abad, previously an Origination Manager at Iberdrola, has joined Innogy as a Commercial Development Manager
  • Pierre Courant has joined Macquarie as MD Physical Gas Europe, previously was Head of Trading – European Physical Gas at Koch
  • Gernot Zengerer has joined EnBW as an Energy Trader, previously a Power & Gas Trader at E.On
  • Rich Madqwick has joined Trailstone as a Power Trader, previously and Energy Trader at National Grid
  • Dimistrios Saratzis has joined Centrica as a Trading Analyst, previously was a senior analyst at Refinitiv
  • Daniele Granata has joined EDFT as an Originator, previously an analyst at BP
  • Svend Ocke Bull has joined EWE Trading as Team Lead – Short Term Trading, previously an Intraday Trader at BKW
  • Pierre Fraessdorf has joined EnBW as Head of Renewables Trading, previously a short-term trader at Alpiq
  • Jim Nichol has joined CF Partners as Head of Short-Term Power & Gas Trading, previously a Gas Trader at Statkraft
  • Colin Mochan has joined Intergen as a UK Power & NBP Trader, previously held a similar role at SSE plc
  • James Merchant has joined E.ON Sverige as a Short Term Trader, previously a Trade Capacity Manager at Seago Line
  • Matt Pond has joined Orsted as a Lead Business Developer – Green Gas, previously was Head of Business Development & Strategy at Centrica
  • Ian Blacker has joined Fortum as Business Development Director, previously Business Sales & Commercial Leader at Baker & Hughes
  • Ameko Zhang, formerly a Power Trader at Gazprom, has joined Trafigura in Shanghai as a Bulks Trader
  • Richard Wilson, previously a Gas Trader at RWE Supply & Trading, has joined Trailstone as a Senior Gas Trader
  • James Ford has joined EnBW as Head – Transformation of Scheduling, previously an Energy Trader at Ineos
  • Stewart Seaton has joined Neas Energy as a Power Trader, previously a Prompt Power Trader at SSE plc
  • Matthias Hobein has joined Engie as Short Term Energy Trader, previously held a similar role at Orsted
  • Christian Davis has joined Drax as a Power Trader, previously held a similar role at EDF Energy
  • Alastair Barnett has joined Smartest Energy as Deputy VP Short Term Trading, previously was Senior Manager Portfolio Hedging at EDF Energy
  • Graham Allsop has joined Macquarie as a Senior Vice President, previously a Quant Analyst at Nanook Advisors


  • Stefan Beukeveld has joined Anadarko in a Senior LNG Shipping role, previously held an Ocean Freight Procurement role at BHP
  • Andrew Elson has joined Anadarko as an Operations Manager, previously LNG shipping Operations Manager at North West Shelf LNG Project
  • Stanislav Miroshnichenko has joined Affinity LNG in shipbroking role, previously an LNG Charterer with Gazprom
  • Keith Loy has joined Uniper in LNG Origination and Business Development, previously was the Manager for LNG International Sales & Trading at Pavilion Energy
  • Stephane Caudron has relocated to Singapore with Gunvor as the Global Head of LNG Business Development, previously was based in Geneva as the Global Head of LNG
  • Desmond Kuah has moved to China with Shell as the Head of LNG & Gas Supply Development, previously was in Bangkok in a Regional Sales role with Shell
  • Miriam Menegatti joined Pavilion Energy as an LNG Structured Trader, previously a Senior LNG Trader at Petronas LNG UK
  • Tim Mendelssohn has joined Spark LNG as their Managing Director, previously an LNG Trader at Koch


  • Walker Weston, joined Vitol as a Gas Trader, previously held a similar role at CCI
  • Matthew Monday, joined Vitol as a Gas Trader, previously held a similar role at CCI
  • Joe Constantinou, has joined Bank of America Merrill Lynch as an ERCOT Trader, previously held a similar role at Citi in Houston
  • Kevin Shaw has joined Citadel as an Associate Portfolio Manager, previously a Natural Gas Trader at Freepoint
  • Drew Dabrowski, formerly a Natural Gas Trader for Constellation Energy, has joined Six One Commodities in a similar role
  • Paul Smith, formerly Senior Natural Gas Trader at Constellation Energy in the UK, has joined Hartree Partners as a Trader in Baltimore
  • Trey Griggs, previously President and CCO at Calpine, has joined Kindle Energy as President of Retail in Houston
  • Sally Sun has joined Summit Energy Holdings in Houston as Senior Vice President – Commercial, previously VP LNG Marketing at Tellurian Inc.
  • Octavio Simoes has joined Tellurian as an advisor to the CEO, previously was the CEO & President – LNG & Midstream at Sempra Energy
  • Amine Alaoui has joined Citadel as an Associate Portfolio Manager, previously was a West Gas Trader at Constellation


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