Reservoirs are being turned into energy batteries

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  • Reservoirs are being turned into energy batteries
17 July 2019

Andrew Forrest’s Wealth is rooted in riches of Iron ore, reservoirs are being turned into energy batteries, hydrogen energy could be Australia’s future, beetles and flies are reported to now become part of the agricultural food chain and Asia rethinks its prospects in coal.

Reservoirs are being turned into energy batteries: The world is currently facing huge pressures to cut down greenhouse gases, so are now turning to alternative energy sources with the intention of finding a more sustainable solution. Singapore is one country deciding to turn their reservoirs into a photovoltaic power source, which is thought to become the largest floating system in the Tengah Reservoir by 2012. Click here to read more 

Andre Forrest finds new fortune in iron ore industry: Andrew Forrest’s main stock is was in the mining industry. However, he has now become the biggest shareholder in biotech play Invex Therapeutics and has seen his wealth increase by $10 billion in the past month alone. This figure means he is just one of six Australians with a wealth of over $10bn. Click here to read more

Forrest, the biggest shareholder in and chairman of iron-ore force Fortescue Metals Group, has seen his wealth burst through the $10 billion mark in the past month as commodity prices soar.

Hydrogen energy could be the future in Australia: According to the Council of Australian Governments. Hydrogen could be the future for energy solutions in the next few years. The International Energy Agency said hydrogen is likely to take off in 2019, stating that the new energy source could fulfill its longstanding potential as a clean energy solution. There are however, fears that costs, political viewpoints and a slow development to get started could pose issues. Click here to read more

Beetles and flies are becoming part of the agricultural food chain: Beetles and flies have been found to contain impressive amounts of protein which is a fundamental aspect of the human diet, so many entrepreneurs are now breeding them as animal bait. Once removed from their cages, the eggs are placed in hatching units and are moved again in order to grow – after 10 days, they’re crushed into oils. Firms including Ynsect and AgriProtein believe there as positives of this new industry in terms of the economy and environment. Click here to read more

Asia rethinks coal prospects: Due to the demands for climate change, Asia has found that their coal industry is taking a turn for the worst. Coal was once a massive part of the world’s second-biggest economy, however, there is now food for thought on creating a cleaner world. Undeniably with a tough future ahead, Sacha Winifred told Reuters that current miners are looking into other industries: “They are looking into renewables, other infrastructure, supply chain support such as water, utilities, shipping and logistics.” Click here to read more