Latin America’s economy is in serious decline

12 June 2019

Latin Economies are thought to be deteriorating; Australia is now battling to remain the top global exporter as rivals rush to get a share of the Asian market; China has a new plan for the formula market and oil traders have achieved some of their best results in 2019 after a poor performance last year.

Here is a selection of our top news stories this week:

Latin America’s economy is in serious decline: Latin America has severely fallen behind as a result of the world economy’s expansion and has terrifyingly been in this state for a number of decades. As a result, forecasters are cutting their predictions drastically for hopes of economic expansion. Please click here to read more

Australia’s gas dominance is in jeopardy: The world’s main buyer of LNG has announced that Australia is currently facing a serious battle to remain the top global exporter. Rivals in the energy sector are pushing towards Asian markets as a result of more competitive deals. James Vigil from JERA told The Australian: Suppliers have to be competitive or they’re not going to be able to sell fuel to buyers. And it’s not just about price”. Please click here to read more

LNG export revenues will jump by 57 per cent to $48bn this year, boosted by new capacity due online, but the next challenge is for Australia to develop a second wave of projects that can compete with a wave of up to 200 million tonnes of capacity that could get the go-ahead this year.

A new plan of action arises for China’s formula milk market: China has come up with a new action plan to push foreign markets out of the supply chain, such as those in Australia and New Zealand. The government has aims to grow China’s formula from the current 47% of the market to 60% and stated that they will “encourage Chinese producers to broaden sales channels and differentiate to compete, targeting mid-high-end market”. Please click here to read more

Oil trading has experienced a successful start to 2019: Oil traders are reported to have achieved their very best results in the first few months of 2019 despite the industry facing very poor results just last year. Chairman of Vitol Group, Ian Taylor said: “It was a good quarter”, while Amrit Shahani added: “After a terrible second half in 2018, banks managed to pull it back in the first quarter of 2019”. Please click here to read more