The Future for Refiners, with Daryl Schofield

The HC Insider Podcast - Episode 10

30 July 2020

Decarbonization, decreasing demand, decreased capital market support and increased global capacity present stark challenges for refiners. And COVID-19 has only accelerated these trends and decreasing the time available for a response. Daryl Schofield joins Paul Chapman to discuss and provide some insights on how such firms can not only survive energy transition but maybe even thrive. Daryl has a 30 year career in trading and commercial operations, including executive committee levels roles with Delek, Tesoro & BP.

What challenges did refiners and integrated majors face at the start of 2020? What were the various strategic responses at that time? What did the arrival of COVID-19 do to that picture? How can you balance investing in transition with declining demand and prices? If value chain optimization and data unlock that what are the operational and cultural shifts required? Who will be the participants? Do the trading houses have a role to play?

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