The Solar Decade with David Fernandez of Goldman Sachs

The HC Insider Podcast - Episode 11

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  • The Solar Decade with David Fernandez of Goldman Sachs
06 August 2020

Renewables are here to stay, and many predict the next decade will be solar’s decade. David Fernandez, Managing Director of renewable power at Goldman Sachs, joins us to discuss why that might be the case and what the ramifications are for current and future power generators, consumers, and markets.

Why the Solar Decade and what will that mean in terms of scale? What are the benefits for generators and investors? Is it geographically restricted by sunbelts? How will the solar decade change the competitive landscape for current participants? Why has the solar decade not already happened, and will it need governmental support? What does it mean for power traders and risk managers? What will be the key trends in development and deployment as we progress through the next decade?

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